Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week 3

This past week was the first time I went in on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (Sacred Heart Library is only open those days). I did similar things as the last couple of weeks. For example, I cataloged VHS tapes, shelved books, and checked books in and out.

I have also started putting books into the Alexandria system. Mrs. Walsh is laid back about how the materials are put into Alexandria because the library is not really big. I have to search for the book. If a MARC record is found, I use it but if not I have to due a manual entry. For a simple manual entry, I add the author's name, title of the book and a call number (such as F BOO for fiction and 760 BOO for non-fiction materials). Alexandria automatically gives me a barcode number that I must stick in the book. Before I put a book in the system, I have to check Renaissance to find out if there is an AR quiz for the book. If there are no AR quizzes, then we have to set the book aside and not put the book on the shelf until an AR quiz is available. The students have to meet certain AR point goals each 9 weeks and it is pointless to put books on the shelves if they cannot be tested on.

I am still learning the ropes about how to be patient with the children. Each class is different from the last in behavior. Some children will try to get books out of their reading level and insist they must have it. Sometimes, they get too loud. Sometimes, they want to ask questions that are really not relevant to the book you are reading to them. However, I am learning how to run a library and how to deal with children of different ages.

This week, I am creating a bulletin board with a theme of books that are coming out as movies (more details to come). Also, I am super excited about hiding gingerbread men in early December.

I worked from 8 to 1:35 on Monday, 8 to 11:45 and 1:22 to 2:40 on Wednesday, and 8:00 to 11:40 on Friday.

Renaissance Learning

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