Sunday, October 16, 2011

Got to be in charge for a day

I only went in on Wednesday (the 7th) because the students were off on Monday for Columbus Day while the teachers had an in-service day (my supervisor didn't have to go in) and Friday was my fall break. I went in 8 to 3.
I was in charge for the day. It was quite a task! I read all the books to all the classes, made sure that all the Pre-K and kindergarten classes had their color sheets and the older students were getting their books in a timely manner. I thought the students would not be good. However, they were angels. Don't really know how they were angels!  Overall, it was a busy day and I wasn't just cataloging books all day.
Sacred Heart is starting Read-A-Thon this coming week. I think this will be a new experience. The students and teachers record how many minutes they spend reading as a fundraising. I love that they are allowed to read and have a way to read.
My favorite book I read this past week was the tongue twisting Double Trouble in Walla Walla.  Andrew Clements is the author.
Random fact: Beverly Cleary, creator of the Ramona books and an award winner, was a librarian.

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